NAV as on 21-Nov-2014: Accelerator:19.1878  Balancer:14.862  Conservator:18.6635  Conservator Gold:14.8375  Conservator Platinum Fund:15.2561  Defender:14.878  Discontinued POLICY FUND:12.5381  GROUP ELEVATOR:10.4279  GROUP PROTECTOR:11.076  Guardian:22.0513  GUARDIAN PLUS:15.3378  GUARDIAN SHIELD:13.257  Maximus:23.3375  Maximus Gold:18.8044  MAXIMUS PLUS:16.838  Preserver:14.1309  Protector:16.1828  Secure Plus:14.1763  Tyaseer fund:16.1907  Wealth Creator:14.4234 

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